Portal Inspired Pint Glasses: Set of 3

Portal man glasses

  • Set of 3 hand etched Portal Inspired Glasses
  • Permanently etched design
  • Each glass holds about 16 oz
  • Price includes Free US Shipping

If you’re a fan of the Portal video game you probably recognize my inspiration for these hand etched glasses. In Portal, the main task in the game typically involves solving some type of puzzle by creating portals to travel through. A player can enter one end of a portal and then pop out of the other side.

This set of hand etched Portal inspired drinking glasses was inspired by my love for this amazing game. These glasses feature a half of a man on one glass and his other half appears on the other glass. It’s a pretty fun effect that really gives the illusion that he is moving from one glass to another. The third glass features a hand done tribute to the Portal Laboratories logo.

Each of these glasses stands approximately 5 -and 3/4″ tall and measures about 3-1/2″ at the opening. These are a very sturdy thick walled pint or pub style drinking glass. Each one will hold approximately 16 ounces of your favorite liquid refreshment. (But not lemonade. . . because Portal players know what to do with the lemons if life hands you lemons. ;))



Please look closely before you purchase and realize these are not colored glasses. The color in the photos is there because I decided to have a little fun when taking my photos and I decided to fill the glasses with colored water. I used orange and blue to represent the portal ends in the game and for some reason dark black just seemed right for the Aperture lab glass.

These glasses are dishwasher safe and there is no need to worry about the awesome portal inspired design peeling off. The design is permanently etched into the surface of each glass.

The design on each of these glasses is laid out and done entirely by hand, so there may be minor variations from the photos shown here.   Each glass set will be unique with its own minor differences and variations.  The photos shown here on this page are photos of previously purchased glasses. Although they’ll be very similar, please don’t expect your purchase to be a perfect detail for detail match of the images shown here.

I offer free shipping to US shipping destinations. If you’re an international customer outside of the United States simply contact me for a shipping quote.

Completion Time: Please note these are a handmade item that are made to order. Completing your order takes time  and the amount of time varies based on order volume and other factors beyond my control. Please allow 3-10 business days for your glasses to be completed and shipped out.


Price: $24.99 with FREE US SHIPPING


To avoid any confusion: these glasses are NOT official Portal or Valve products. These are NOT officially licensed Portal products. Nor are they approved by or associated with Valve Corporation in any way. Thesea re fan art inspired by my love for the Portal video games.

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