About Us

NerdCrafted.com features handmade art, gifts and gadgets created by a nerd for nerds, geeks, gamers and everyone in between.

While we often us the term “us”, most of the actual “work” on the website and the gifts featured on the site are done by the same nerd. That unlucky man is our resident nerd dad. He’s an overworked, over-stressed single dad that enjoys dabbling in web and graphic design and just making weird and creative things!

One look at his creations will instantly tell you he’s not formally trained in any art technique or medium. He’s a hack. A butcher. A no-talent fool who has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. Despite his lack of any real talent or skill, he manages to muddle his way through creating unique gifts that only truly awesome people fully appreciate.

While he offers his creations at other locations on the interwebz, I…. er . . . I mean “he” grew tired of paying listing fees and being at the mercy of terms of service and rules of these other sites. That’s why he created NerdCrafted.com: to be a home for his cooky creations.

Despite chants from his family and friends to “use his education” and “get a real job” the nerd behind NerdCrafted.com continues to march to the beat of his own drummer. He manages a meager and modest existence thanks to some pretty amazing customers. Although he makes very little money, he has fun doing what he does. . . even if family and friends have “absolutely no idea what he does all day.” 😉