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In this Privacy Policy, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “NerdCrafted”, “”, “Website”, and similar terms refers to the website and party or parties responsible for any voluntary business being conducted via the domain The terms “You”, “Yours”, “visitor”, “user”, “customer”, “reader” and similar terms refer to persons, customers or entities using, viewing or accessing our website, server and related resources.

The privacy of our visitors, users and customers is a matter of the utmost importance to us. This is why we’ve developed the following Privacy Policy. When you visit, view, use or access our Website (and any resources or services related to it) we may obtain or learn certain information about you during or because of your visit. This Policy and document ensures visitors are completely informed and have a full understanding of how we obtain, collect and use said data or information.

Generally speaking, we may obtain and use some personal information for purposes of providing customer service and support, administering business activities, making services and information available to our customers and visitors and when we are legally compelled to so.


What Information Do We Obtain or Collect?

When visiting our website, purchasing from us, emailing us, filling out a contact form on our site or communicating with us via our website we may collect and use some personal data pertaining to you and your identity. This typically only includes, but may not be limited to, the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Country of Residence
  • Your Mailing or Shipping Address
  • Your Telephone Number
  • Your IP Address
  • Limited information about the device, or device(s) you used to access our website.
  • Details pertaining to your visit such as the date and time, length of time you spent on our site, which content was accessed etc.

Please note much of the information listed above is only collected if you voluntarily provide it to us. For example, we likely won’t know or obtain your name, address, or telephone number unless you provide it voluntarily via a contact form, in an email ,or when checking out as a customer ordering a product or service.

Our website servers and some related services and third party apps may automatically collect information pertaining to your visit. Server logs and related services or resources may temporarily log and store information such as your IP address, the date and time of your website visit, the duration of time spent on our site or areas of our site, and limited details pertaining to websites visited immediately before or after your visit to our site.  We may also obtain some basic information pertaining to the device(s) you use to access or site. This may include the IP Address, MAC Address, device name, the name and version of the web browser used and the operating system installed on the device.

Linked Social Media Accounts for Login etc.: In the event we provide you with the option of signing into or accessing our website via a social media account or other third party application you may be providing permission for that social media provider to share with us limited account details such as your email address and certain aspects of your social media profile you’ve made public.  This may include information such as your name, location, age, profile photo and other basic details. We don’t routinely actively monitor, read, view, collect, store or use this information beyond what is required for the intended login function.  Please refer to the privacy settings and policies for individual social media providers for additional details and information regarding what data they share and how they use your information.


What Data Don’t We Collect?

We Don’t Store Financial and Payment Information:  We typically process payments for orders and other transactions via a PCI-compliant third party payment processor such as PayPal. Simply put, during checkout the payment processor obtains, collects, processes and transmits your information on our behalf via their secure and compliant servers. During checkout you’re routed to the third party payment processor’s server where you enter payment details and complete the transaction. After the payment is completed you’re returned to our website. In some cases you may create an account with these payment processors and store your payment information there. Please refer to the payment processor’s website for complete details on their privacy policies and terms of use.

For orders placed via our website we never directly collect, see or transmit your sensitive information. Once you’ve completed checkout PayPal deposits the funds in our account and we simply receive a confirmation of payment, the amount of the payment and your order details.

In the unlikely event we would need, or agree, to handle your payment information directly you will be fully informed and provide consent before we do so. This would be in rare circumstances such as us processing an order in person, manually via a mail order, phone order etc.  In no case will we collect, store or transmit your any financial data or information without your prior knowledge and consent. In no case will we store this information or use it beyond what is required in order to process your order and fulfill legal obligations.


Specific Demographic Categories: We normally don’t collect highly specific categories of data unless you voluntarily provide it. For example we normally don’t obtain data pertaining to your health status, income, race, political affiliations or opinions, or sexual orientation.

When Do We Collect Information

We may directly or indirectly obtain the information outlined above when you visit our site or provide the information to us directly or indirectly with consent. Typically we obtain information directly when you voluntarily provide it with your consent. For example, when
you order a product you may provide us with your name, telephone number and shipping address.

The following are some examples of when we collect information:

  • When you voluntarily provide it in an email, via a contact form or with a complaint.
  • When you visit Our Website, servers may automatically collect your IP Address and information pertaining to your visit and device.
  • When You Consent to the use of “Cookies” during your visit.
  • When we are legally required to do so.
  • When a third party application or provider requires it in order to comply with their terms and conditions.


How We Use the Information We Collect

There are many reasons we collect and use the data and information described above.  These purposes range from improving your experience while visiting our website to being able to ship your purchase to you.


These are the main reasons why we may collect and utilize data about you:

  • When Administering Our Business Activities. (For example, to ship or deliver a product or service you have purchased from us.)
  • For providing customer service and support.
  • To contact customers with issues regarding their order
  • To respond to your inquiries or in order to resolve any complaints.
  • To provide services or features you sign up for such as email newsletters, discount notifications etc.
  • To conduct advertising and marketing analysis in order to improve our site functionality, improve your experience and offer advertisements, products and information you and other visitors may be interested in.
  • To comply with applicable third party terms of service, laws and regulations.
  • To sell advertising on our site.
  • To monitor site performance and stability .
  • To improve site functionality, performance and user experience.
  • In an effort to ensure site security.
  • In an effort to prevent fraud, deceit or acts we perceive as having malicious intent.


Legal Grounds for Use of Your Personal Data

We will only utilize your personal data or information when we believe, at our sole discretion, we have a legal ground permitting (or requiring) us to do so. This can vary but typically legal ground for use of your information falls into one of the following categories:

Consent: This is by far the most common scenario. This is where you have provided consent for us to obtain and or use said data. For instance, you’ve agreed to a policy or consented to receiving email communications from us via our double opt in newsletter process. You may withdraw consent at any time in writing. Email marketing consent may be withdrawn by clicking the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of emails sent from us.

Compliance With Law: If we are legally compelled or obligated to use, keep or disclose your personal data we will do so.

Performance of a Contract or In Order to Provide Products or Services: When you’ve purchased a product, service or subscription from us we may use your contact details, shipping address, and payment information as necessary to fill the order and to fulfill our obligations to you.

In Our Legitimate/ Vital Interests: We may use your information when we fill orders, analyze content to understand how our site is being used, or in other situations where believe it is in our legitimate or vital interests. For example, it is in our legitimate interest to conduct marketing analysis.


Cookies and Related Technology

When you visit our website we may collect personal data automatically using “cookies” or a similar technology. This privacy policy includes our cookie policy. For more information on cookies, how they work, what cookies we use and why, refer to our cookie policy.


IP Addresses

As mentioned previously, we may obtain your IP Address as a result of your visit to our site. What is an IP address? IP stands for “Internet Protocol”. An IP address is basically a unique number or numeric code assigned to identify each device or technology present on a network. IP addresses are assigned to your device and used to identify it each and every time you connect to the Internet.

What do we do with your IP address? When you visit our site our web servers and related resources may automatically read, monitor and store IP addresses of our all visitors. This is done for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is for us to collect data often known as “traffic data” or “aggregate data”. This allows us to provide the information requested by visitors. For example, your IP address provides the address and information our web server(s) need to serve information such as the Web pages, files or other resources your device requests.

IP addresses also permit us to monitor our website performance and security. For example, IP addresses allow us to transmit data to visitors along the best optimized and most reliable network paths in order to ensure the best experience possible for you. IP addresses also permit us to monitor, prevent and respond to any security threats.


Email Data and Information

If you choose to contact us via email, be advised we may retain and store the content of said email messages as we deem necessary. We may also collect and store your email address along with a copy of any of our responses to your emails on our web servers. We afford the same protections for email communications that we provide for information we receive via other insecure forms of communication such as telephone, fax, or postal mail.


Children and Privacy Concerns

Our website and products are intended for adults.  Children are not permitted to visit our web site or access related information without the prior permission and approval of a parent or legal guardian. Furthermore, children are prohibited from submitting or transmitting any personal information to, from or via our website. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for ensuring the safety of privacy of children within their supervision or care.


How We Protect Your Information and Other Data

Users can rest assured we have implemented appropriate technical and internal controls to protect your personal data against unauthorized access or use, loss, damage or involuntarily destruction. Our web servers are housed offsite in a secure facility. Any information we store electronically is generally done in a secure manner and access is limited and protected via secure logins and other appropriate measures.

Personal information we store on paper or in a physical manner is generally only information you’ve provided to us in order to ship your purchase. For example, we may retain a print out of a shipping label, shipping label receipt, order summary and/or a packing slip. These information normally doesn’t contain any information beyond first and last name, billing address, shipping address and telephone number. We only store this information as long as necessary (see below). Although this is generally publicly available information we store it under restricted access and in a locked and secure filing cabinet. Once we determine we no longer need to store your information it is destroyed via standard acceptable secure document destruction methods.

Please note email is not considered to be a secure form of communication.  Visitors, customers and users should never transmit financial, sensitive, private or confidential information to us via email. In the event you choose to send said data via email you do so at your own risk. Please remember normal email is insecure. Banking information, financial details or debit or credit card data should never be transmitted via email.

Some data or information you send or enter via our site may be done through a more secure electronic transmission path such as SSL (SecureSockets Layer). However, we strongly advise visitors to use common sense and err on the side of caution.  If in doubt, visitors should always assume any and all information or data transmitted to or from our site may be done in an insecure manner.

User Names, Passwords And Login Info: If we provide you with a user name, password or other credentials to access our site or services you are solely responsible for ensuring and maintaining their confidentiality and security.


Who We Share Your Information With

We do not normally sell, rent or give away your information to third parties not affiliated with us. Generally speaking, we only share your information when we have a technical, administrative or legal need or obligation to do so. The following instances may be situations where we would share your data with other organizations or third parties:

  • Sharing your data with payment processors, payment gateways and apps in order to process payments for your order.
  • Service Providers: We may need to share your data with certain third parties to perform functions related to our website and order processing. For instance, we may need to share your details with ecommerce or shopping cart plugins or software or with shipping providers. In these instances we only share personal information to the extent required for purposes of conducting business and performing the associated services.
  • We may reveal or transfer your personal information to any organization that buys or to which we transfer all of our assets and business too. (If we sell or transfer our business our records would be transferred to the new owner.)
  •  We may share your data with our advertising partners in order to provide you with relevant ads and information we genuinely would be of interest to you.
  • We may share your personal information when required to do so by law, when necessary to meet any legal or regulatory obligations, or if we believe it is necessary to protect either your rights or the rights of others.

International Transfers Etc.

We are based in the United States and generally utilize third party hosting services located here in the United States. With that said, we may transfer your personal data outside of the U.S. or to a jurisdiction with different laws or regulations than your jurisdiction. While other countries or jurisdictions may not have the same standards or regulations regarding personal data protection as your home Country, we strive to continue to protect your personal information. Our goal in all scenarios is to only transfer data in line with the core tenants of this Privacy Policy.  If you are located withing the EU or EEA, we rely on Privacy Shield as our legal bases for the transfer if we are deemed to transfer information pertaining to you outside of the EU.  We may also use specific approved contracts with third party service providers to ensure your data is protected.


How Long We Store Your Data

We typically don’t store any information any longer than we are required to do so. The information stored for the longest duration is likely shipping related information for customers who purchase from our website. We generally retain physical copies of information for customer orders for the amount of time required for accounting, tax and/or legal purposes. This is typically, 4 to 7 years.

If you unsubscribe to an email newsletter or other email marketing communications we would likely need to retain your email address indefinitely to ensure we don’t send you marketing communications in the future.

In the event you are banned as a user or customer from our website we would need to maintain information such as your IP address and email address indefinitely.


Changes to This Policy

This policy page (and the information contained herein) should be considered a living document.  We may revise, amend, alter or change this Privacy Policy at any time for any reason. We may make these changes with or without prior notice. As a customer or visitor you are responsible for regularly reviewing this Policy, and all other Policies and Terms and Conditions on our site.  In the event our Privacy Policy changes, we won’t use any personal information you have previously provided to us in any manner that is materially inconsistent with this Policy.


Your Rights

You may have the following rights in relation to your personal information. Some examples are provided below.


Request a Copy of Your Personal Info:  If you would like a copy of the personal data we have collected and stored for you (or if you believe we have incorrect personal data pertaining to you) you may email or write us using the information provided under Contact Us below.  We may require you to authenticate or prove your identity before releasing any requested information.

We will normally handle most requests for copies of personal data within one month, unless an extension of time is deemed necessary, requested and approved. If your request for personal information is complicated, or if we have a large number of requests, we may require more time. We will notify you in this instance.

Normally we will provide a copy of your personal data  for free via an electronic format. If you request a physical copy be mailed we may charge a reasonable fee for copies and postage. If we deem your request is clearly excessive, redundant, repetitive or unfounded we may charge a reasonable fee for your request.


Withdraw Consent: You may withdraw consent to use your personal data at any time. Write to us using the contact information provided under “Contact Us” below.


Delete or Restrict Use of Personal Data: You may have the right to request we delete your personal data or restrict or limit how it is used.  There may be legal exceptions that prevent this, but you may have the right to object to the collection, processing or use of your personal data for certain purposes.


California Privacy Rights: Pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1798.83 you may request details pertaining to the information we release to other organizations or third parties for their marketing purposes. Please email us using the information below and put “California Privacy Inquiry” in the subject line. You may make this request once per calendar year. We will respond via email with pertinent information such as a list of categories of personal data we’ve revealed to other organizations in the last calendar year along with their contact information. Please note,  not all personal data sharing conducted in this manner is covered by Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code.


Contact Us:

Email us at [email protected] or use the contact information below. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or address your concerns to the best of our ability.

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