FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Some of them are even serious and/or helpful.

1. What’s the meaning of life?
You’re on the wrong site. . . but I suppose in the end one of our main goals should be to do everything we can to make the world a better place for having us in it.

2. I ordered something 10 minutes ago. Why isn’t the mail carrier delivering it as I type this?
Patience padawan! Dammit Jim this is a website, not a sweatshop! First realize we don’t own dozens of ubercool 3D printers that can spit out clones of our designs while we sleep. Secondly, we haven’t managed to master travel through the space-time continuum.
In all seriousness, please remember the items you see here on this site are typically handmade  and they’re made to order.  When we say handmade we mean it.  These things take time. It takes time for work to be done, for paint to dry etc. Sometimes it’s necessary to order parts etc.  
The long-winded product description you purchased from should mention something about order completion times. If it doesn’t, most items at NerdCrafted.com take anywhere from 7 to 28 business days to be completed and shipped.  Relax. We’re not crooks. You’ll get the item you paid for!
3.  I live in the African bush or a small grass hut in the Australian Outback.  I’m not in the U.S. can I order your products?
Absolutely. Unfortunately you can’t purchase directly from the site because the listings offer free shipping for U.S. residents ONLY.  International customers must contact us with a list of the items they’re interested in.  We can then give you some shipping options and create a custom invoice with applicable international shipping charges included.
4.  I just saw you cancelled my order and issued me a refund. What’s the deal ya jerks?
Are you a buyer living or shipping to a recipient outside the U.S.? Did you manage to place an order shipping outside of the United States without contacting us first? That’s probably why. (See FAQ #3 above.)
5.  My item arrived broken into a million pieces. How do we fix this?Super glue? Just kidding. 😉  First accept our sincere apologies. We do our best to package items carefully but sometimes the shipping carrier decides to play “Kick the Nerd Gift” and things accidentally get damaged. If your item was shipped via USPS Priority Mail etc. it likely included shipping insurance. We’ll work with you to open a claim and to replace your damaged item.  Please hang on to damaged items and all original packaging as they may be necessary to file and expedite your claim. We’re happy to file the claim for you but we’ll either need you to return the damaged item to us and/or supply digital photos clearly showing the item and the damage. At times buyer’s may also need to file/fill out an affidavit attesting to the damage. The first step is to contact us with your order info and a description of the issue. Feel free to supply digital photos at that time to expedite the process because we’ll likely request them.

For further information and instructions regarding shipping damage issues see our Damage Policy.

 6.  Why are your prices so high?
Really? I didn’t think they were that bad. Please realize  our prices include FREE shipping to U.S. residents which is typically a value of anywhere between $5.00 to $20.00.  Free shipping is often via USPS Priority Mail with insurance included. Please also realize our pricing reflects the fact that our items are hand made and typically require significant time and effort. It’s not as easy as telling a robot to pluck it from our warehouse shelves and have a flying drone deliver it. (We’re looking at YOU amazon.)
7.  How do you ship?
With boxes and packaging tape. Ha! In all seriousness we typically ship via the USPS. However, some items and situations may require us to use another shipping carrier or service of our choosing.
8.  I changed my mind, ordered in error or otherwise wish to cancel my order before it ships. Is that possible?
Probably. Depending on how long ago you placed your order an order cancellation fee may be deducted from your refund. Please refer to our Returns and Refund policy for additional details and information regarding order returns, cancellations and refunds.

9.  I want to return an item that has already been delivered to me. Can I do that?
If your product arrives broken or defective contact us first and describe the issue. We’ll work with you to reach a resolution. In the unlikely event your product arrive broken or defective we can probably repair it. We generally do not accept returns of non defective products but feel free to contact us with any issues. A restocking fee may apply to returns. See our Returns and Refund Policy for complete details.

10.  I’ve had my product for awhile and accidentally broke it or damaged it. Can you fix it? 
If you broke or damaged your product we may be able to repair it for less than the cost of a new replacement. Shipping costs both ways will be the buyer’s responsibility. If we determine our product was defective we may repair the product for free. Otherwise we will charge our costs for parts and fee for the time involved. See the “Repairs” section of our Returns and Refund Policy for additional details and other important information.

Please note our glass products (drinking glasses, beer mugs etc.) are generally not repairable. If broken they will require replacement.

11. I’m worried about Coronavirus/COVID-19. What can you tell me about your response?
You can read more about our response here.

12.  My order is taking significantly longer than the order completion time mentioned in the product listing. Why?
COVID-19 has created far reaching impacts from additional health and safety protocols, to supply chain issues to slower shipping. This, in combination with high demand is causing some order delays. Read more here.

13. I see orders are potentially delayed. I recently placed or will be placing an order. I need it to arrive by a certain date. Can I expedite or rush my order?
Yes. To be fair we fill orders on a first come first served basis. However, we can bump your order ahead of others and expedite it for a rush fee. Please note if you require expedited shipping, the shipping fees can become quite expensive. Contact us with your deadline, your order number or the products you are interested in and we can provide additional information. 

14.  I don’t see my question answered here in the FAQ. Now what?
No worries. Just send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer your question within 1-2 business days.