Damage Policy

Shipping Damage

While shipping damage is rare, it does sometimes occur. We understand this is an inconvenience and we’ll work with you however possible to reach a resolution. Many of our shipments, particularly glass products, are shipped with insurance. Please note we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged shipments and will not be held responsible for uninsured packages. The following guidelines will help expedite a shipping damage claim with us. A brief summary is provided below. Be sure to read all of the details provided herein because this page provides valuable information you’ll need to know.


  • Keep the damaged item and all original packaging.

  • Notify us as soon as possible and within 3 days of receiving a damaged shipment.

  • Notify us via email and be as specific as possible. Include your name, shipping address and original purchase details.

  • Supply clear digital photos of the damage with your email.

  • If you’re unable or unwilling to supply photos we’ll need the damaged product shipped back to us at your expense.

  • Shipping damage will likely require an insurance claim be filed with the shipping carrier. You have two options: File the claim yourself or have us handle it. (Details provided below.)
  • Larger purchases over $100 may require we wait until the shipping carrier approves or denies a claim before we’ll render a decision on replacement or refund.

  • If a shipping carrier denies our insurance claim, we may not be held responsible for loss or damage and may not issue a refund.

  • We are not responsible for uninsured packages that are lost or damaged.

  • We will not be held responsible and are not liable for loss or damage if a customer fails to comply with all requests related to their claim.

  • If we approve your claim for damage we may offer a resolution such as, shipping a replacement product, offering repair of damaged product, store credit, or refund.


Customers must notify us soon as possible if they receive a damaged shipment. In all cases, customers must notify us within 3 days of receiving a damaged shipment. Once notified, claims for damaged or lost shipments are generally handled and fully resolved as soon as possible. This can be anywhere from one business day to a month depending on a variety of factors.

Evidence of Damage:

Customers must provide evidence of damage. This is generally done by emailing clear digital photos displaying the damage to an identifiable product. For example, all shattered glass can look similar. Be sure to include photos of the glass that include pieces that can help us identify the product involved clearly came from us.

Customers that are unable, or unwilling, to supply digital photos of the damage will likely be required to ship back the damaged product at their own expense.

A signed delivery, absent notation of missing, damaged or incorrect items represents your complete acceptance of an order in perfect condition.

Keep Damaged Product and all Original Packaging:

Please keep the damaged product and all original packaging until your claim is resolved, until we inform you it can be disposed of, or after one month. (Whichever occurs first.) Why do you have to keep the damaged item? While rare for smaller claims, there are times when the shipping carrier requires the damaged item and contents be inspected before they’ll approve a claim for damages. Keeping a broken glass might seem ridiculous but it may be necessary. You may need to store objects in another container to help contain glass and in order to protect the safety of yourself, your loved ones and your pets.

Insurance Claims:

While not all of our shipments are insured, the majority are. If you’d like to be sure purchase is shipped with insurance inquire before ordering. We’ll let you know whether insure will require additional costs for you prior to shipping.

Shipping damage will likely involve a shipping insurance claim. This is typically filed with the shipping carrier. Either the customer or NerdCrafted.com can file a claim but not both. See additional details provided below.  Whenever possible, inspect your package for damage before the shipping carrier leaves and report any damage to them immediately.

Please note any shipping insurance will not cover damage that occurs after you’ve received the item or during unpacking.

Customers must be willing to fully participate and cooperate with us and/or the shipping carrier with regard to any and all claims for lost or damaged shipments. This includes, but is not limited to, providing photos of damage, returning the damaged product and completing any questionnaires or affidavits required by the shipping carrier. Failure to comply with requests related to your claim in the amount of time allotted will result in us denying your claim and no refund or replacement will be issued.

Shipping Insurance Claim Process:
Customers have two options. They can file an insurance claim themselves or have us handle the process instead. Please note only one claim can be made. Either the shipper (us) or the receiver (you the customer) but NOT both.

A. Customer files insurance claim: You’ll need to file a claim and repurchase the item from us. If you elect to file an insurance claim yourself please contact us to confirm your shipment had insurance before proceeding. If you file an insurance claim you’ll be contacting the shipping carrier and filing the claim. If the shipping carrier requests additional information from us we’ll cooperate to the best of our ability. Please note we may still require photos or evidence of damage. In this instance if the shipping carrier approves your insurance claim you’ll be reimbursed up to the original purchase price. You’ll then need to re-purchase the item from us using those funds to obtain a replacement product.

B. We file an insurance claim: This is generally the preferred method for customers since it is easier and faster. We’ll assume you will be taking this route unless you inform us otherwise. In this scenario we generally handle everything. For smaller claims we make a judgement call and often ship out a replacement product immediately at our cost. We then submit the insurance claim to seek reimbursement from the shipping carrier directly. The process involves little to no time from the customer.  However, the shipping carrier may require additional information from you. You agree to comply fully with requests for additional information. For products or purchases exceeding $100 we may wait to hear from the shipping carrier regarding their decision on our claim before proceeding.

A notice regarding lost, stolen or undeliverable packages: 

We, and the shipping carrier, consider a package delivered if carrier tracking or delivery confirmation shows the item has been successfully delivered or if reasonable attempts have been made to deliver the item.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages once successfully delivered at a location. You are responsible for ensuring your porch, doorstep or other location are safe and secure. You may be able to provide specific delivery instructions for your shipment or with your shipping carrier or postal worker.

Please note we are not responsible for loss or theft if a package is left with someone at the delivery location that is someone other than the intended recipient. If you require delivery restricted only to a certain individual, please contact us prior to ordering.  We can offer restricted delivery with signature required for an additional expense.

If multiple unsuccessful attempts are made to deliver a package it may end up being returned to us as undeliverable. Provided we used the shipping address as provided to us (or any reasonable variation thereof) we are not responsible for expenses involved with re-shipping the package. We’ll happily re-ship but you’ll need to pay all applicable shipping costs. If reshipment is necessary due to an error on our part we will ship again at no expense to you.

Reimbursement, Compensation Etc.

Notifying us of a lost or damaged shipment does not guarantee we, or the shipping carrier accept responsibility or will approve your claim. If we suspect deceit, dishonesty, fraud, neglect or abuse of the process we will deny your claim. If you fail to comply with requests for additional information or violate the policies outline herein, we may deny your claim.

If we do approve your claim, in no case will we be liable for any amount exceeding the original purchase price amount. Generally speaking, the shipping carrier will not pay out for a claim in any amount exceeding the original purchase amount. Shipping costs are generally not covered via a shipping carrier insurance claim.

If we approve your claim with us, the method of reimbursement and compensation will be chosen at our sole discretion. This can include, but is not limited to: full or partial refunds, repair of product, replacement of product, or store credit.

By contacting us to submit a claim for a lost or damaged shipment you agree to all of the above policies and terms disclosed herein.

Additional Fees:

There may be rare instances where a return, damaged goods claim or lost shipment claim involve you needing to directly or indirectly pay additional fees. We are not responsible for reimbursing you for your time, mileage, packaging materials, fuel, return postage, copying fees or similar fees. In no instance are we liable for any amount in excess of the original purchase amount for your order.

Contact Us:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the aforementioned policies.