Custom Orders

Have something specific in mind? Let’s talk! We love working on custom orders!

We’ve worked with many customers in the past to create unique custom orders.  Please forgive our bragging but we’ve completed orders for several celebrities, major video game development studios, YouTubers, gamers, clans, and more!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a major celebrity, huge development studio, or a single parent on a budget in small town America. We can work within your project’s unique budget and requirements. Need us to sign a NDA for a major project and keep things hush hush? Been there. Done that.  Just need a couple etched drinking glasses for a gift for family or friends? That’s our bread and butter! We have you covered.

Looking for a unique handcrafted video game inspired gift? Need a one of a kind painting? Looking to have a specific video game prop replica made? Maybe you just need some etched drinking glasses personalized with someone’s name or gamer-tag. Whatever you have in mind, we can probably help bring it to life.

Contact Us at [email protected] to discuss details, pricing, order completion times and other details. If you have a target budget in mind please let us know in advance in order for us to better serve you.