COVID-19 Coronavirus – Our Response and Potential Impacts

Like most of our customers, COVID-19 has been a roller coaster ride for us here at We went from not being able work due to State mandated shutdowns, to declining sales to unprecedented demand in the first 6 months of the pandemic alone. Here we are a little over a year later; while things have improved greatly, they are still far from the normal we once knew. We’ve decided to put together this page to keep customers informed on how Coronavirus and COVID-19 may impact their orders, how we’re responding and more.

Page Last Updated: 4/28/2021

Our Response to Health and Safety Concerns:

The health and safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. We’re following CDC guidelines and best practices regarding COVID-19. Whenever possible, practical and feasible we’re wearing face coverings, including but not limited to when making, packaging, and preparing your order for shipment.

All individuals making, handling and packaging your order prior to shipment are asymptomatic. However, a few minutes spent wiping down your products after you receive them can’t hurt! Nearly everything sold and shipped directly from our site can be carefully sprayed or wiped down with your favorite cleaner or mild disinfectant. If you’re unsure feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help determine whether a cleaner is safe to use on your product. Be sure to follow all manufacturer recommendations for the cleaner or disinfectant you’re using. We recommend spot testing on an inconspicuous area to test for any potential damage to paint or surfaces.

Drinkware and Glassware: All of our drinking glassware is thoroughly washed and cleaned prior to shipment. However, we highly recommend being safe and washing all drinkware again before using any mug, drinking glass or similar item. Our etched glassware is dishwasher safe.

If there is any additional steps you require for us to protect the health and safety of you or your gift recipient, feel free to let us know. We’re happy to accomodate any reasonable requests in order to keep you happy, healthy and safe!

If you need further information regarding Coronavirus, COVID-19 or related concerns check out the CDC’s site, or consult your healthcare provider.

How COVID-19 May Impact Your Order:

Although things have improved greatly since early 2020, the impacts of Coronavirus and COVID-19 continue to be far reaching. The additional cleaning, sanitizing and monitoring we’re doing all take additional time. In addition to the obvious health and safety protocol impacts, the virus and associated illness have created many far-reaching supply chain and logistics issues.

Order Completion Time:

Many orders are taking longer than the time quoted in the product listing. We’ve had ongoing supply chain issues. Parts, materials and supplies that were once easy to obtain with a click of a mouse or tap on a phone screen are now difficult to find. Finding certain components and supplies end up being more time consuming and expensive endeavors than they were a year ago. To further complicate matters, supplies that are available are generally more expensive than they were a year ago.

Shipments for supplies are taking longer to arrive. Once we ship out, our orders are also taking slightly longer to arrive. International shipments may experience significant delays beyond our control. To further complicate things, we’ve been experiencing high demand and order volume.

We’re doing our best to work with our supply partners to order in bulk, ahead of time and without impacting the sale price on our products whenever possible. Of course, for a very small company like ours, this takes time away from making and shipping products.

As a result, some orders may experience delays and significant wait times beyond the normal order completion times listed on our site. If you’re placing a new order please expect a longer than normal wait time. Current order lead times vary from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the product and current order volume. If you’ve already placed an order, rest assured we’re working hard to complete and ship as fast as possible. If you’ve placed an order and made payment you WILL receive your product.

In order to be fair, we’re filling orders on a first come, first served basis. If you are in a hurry we may be able to rush your order for an additional fee. Otherwise we’re working our way backwards through the backlog, first ordered, first shipped. If you’ve placed an order and no longer wish to wait for it to be completed we completely understand. Just contact us to request a refund. Contact us via email with your order number/transaction number, name and date of order and we’ll be happy to issue a refund or other suitable resolution.

Rush Order:

If you need your order to arrive quickly, we can expedite your order with a “rush order” fee. Please note this is the only fair way to bump your order to the top of the list ahead of other customers who have been waiting for their order to be completed and shipped. If you have placed or plan to place an order you need expedited, please contact us with details. We’d be happy to discuss any rush order and expedited shipping fees.

Shipping Impacts:

We routinely ship via USPS, FedEx and UPS. Most of these shipping carriers are experiencing unprecedented demand and shipping volume. The majority of our outgoing shipments are moving without major delay but delays due to still occur from time to time.

Although most of these delays and impacts are beyond our control, we truly appreciate your patience, understanding and trust.