Portal Companion Cube Inspired Etched Glass Votive Jar

Portal Companion Cube Inspired Glass


Is it a votive? A jar? A drinking glass? A storage container? A paperweight? The answer is yes! The awesome square shape of this glass container was just begging for me to give it a makeover. I saw the square shape and instantly thought of the Weighted Companion Cube from the Portal video game.  I just couldn’t help but wonder what one of these would look like if I etched a pattern similar to the face a Companion Cube. These fun glass square jars are the result.

After experimenting I chose to etch only 3 sides rather doing all 4 sides of the glass. I made this decision simply because the end result looks better. When you look through one side of the transparent glass you also see the etching from the other sides of the cube. Things start looking pretty busy when you see two or three sides of etching all overlapping  as you look at the glass.  I decided it looked better to leave one side (that back of the cube) unetched. This allows people for a clean display look when viewed from the front side.

This isn’t an official Portal or Valve product and I took some liberty and did things my way.  Only true Portal fans will notice. I decided to etch all sides with  the heart facing right side up . The actual Companion Cube has the hearts in facing in alternating directions, but in my opinion my way looks better for a display piece.

Done with professional quality etching equipment, there is no need to worry about this design fading or peeling. The design is permanently etched into the surface of the glass making these dishwasher safe.

Each design is carefully and painstakingly laid completely by hand. While all of these look very similar, please keep in mind they are handmade and as such there may be minor variations in placement etc.

The glass is made in the U.S.A. by a famous name brand manufacturer and measures just over 3″ tall and 3″ wide on each side. These are high quality glass with a sturdy thick wall. The weight of each glass cube reflects their quality; each one weighs in just over a pound.

While these are officially considered votives you can use them for dozens of other purposes besides holding candles.  These are great for storing small things such as spare charge or pens and office supplies on a desk.  They also make a very unique drinking glass.

Please note: to avoid any confusion these are not official Portal or Valve products.

Shipping:  Your purchase price includes FREE US shipping. Shipping is free for US shipping destinations only. International customers can contact us for a shipping quote.

Completion Time: These are made to order by hand. Please allow 3-10 business days for your purchase to be completed and shipped out.

Price for single cube: $15.99

Price for set of 2 cubes: $24.99

Price for set of 4 cubes: $34.99

All options above include FREE US Shipping.

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