Handmade Jugger-Nog Machine: Jugger-Nog Mini USB Refrigerator

Jugger-Nog Mini USB Refrigerator Jugger-Nog Machine Mini replica for saleHandmade Jugger-Nog Machine Mini USB Drink Cooler/Warmer With Light and Sound

  •  A unique handmade and hnd painted COD Zombies Inspired Jugger-Nog Machine Mini Perk Replica.
  • Looks and sounds like the real thing!
  • A Working USB powered can cooler and drink warmer. (See important notes on warming and cooling function below)
  • Hand painted and decorated to look just like the Jugger-Nog Perk Machine seen in the video game!
  • Holds a single 12 ounce can of soda, a small cup of coffee etc.
  • Measures approximately 9.5″ tall by 3.5″ wide by 3.75″ deep.
  • Makes a great unique gift for any Call of of Duty Zombies fan or collector
  • Battery powered sounds and LED light on top.
  • USB cord does not need to be plugged in for the lights and sounds to work
  • The drink cooler and/or warmer is powered by an ordinary USB port.3
  • 3 AAA (1.5V) Batteries Required (Batteries Included With Purchase)




Jugger-Nog Machine for sale Mini USB Refrigerator


Click the Jugger-Nog machine images below to open a larger view:


Do you need some help to get by? Reach for Jugger-Nog tonight! Have you ever wished you could find a Mini Jugger-Nog machine for sale? Wish no more! This handpainted COD Zombies inspired perk machine replica makes a great unique gift or collectible for any Zombies fan. Each mini USB Jugger-Nog machine is painstakingly hand painted with small details to match the machine you see in game.

Each one is distressed and painted to look like they have seen plenty of action battling the undead. You’ll see rust, dirt, scratches, bloody handprints and more! A great deal of work goes into paying tribute to the Jugger-Nog machine seen on screen in game.

This miniature Jugger-Nog machine replica measures approximately 9 and a half inches tall by 3 and a half inches wide and 3.75 inches deep. In the photos you’ll notice things such as a soda can, a pencil or an Xbox One controller. These are provided to give customers and idea of size and scale and are NOT included with a purchase.

The LED light and sounds are powered by batteries while the drink cooling and warming function are powered via a standard USB port. You can either plug this into your computer or use a standard USB wall charger (NOT INCLUDED) if you want to power it via a wall outlet.


Jugger-Nog Machine - USB Mini Refrigerator



Jugger-Nog Perk Machine Replica Jugger-Nog USB Mini Fridge

It wasn’t enough to look like the Jugger-Nog machine seen in game. Each of these Jugger-Nog replicas is hand wired to include battery powered lights and sounds! The light on top sports the Jugger-Nog symbol and a real working battery powered LED light. Open the door, slide the switch on and the light on top glows white, just like the “real” thing!

Jugger-Nog Machine Light Up Top Mini Jugger Nog Perk Machine Replica

Want to hear that classic Jugger-Nog jingle? Not a problem! Open the door and tap a button to hear the short Jugger-Nog tune. Press it again to hear the full Jugger-Nog theme song. We wanted this to be safe for an office environment so the sounds are activated only when you choose to do so. No annoying sounds to disturb others every time you open the door because the sounds only play when you press the button!


The video below shows a previously purchased Jugger-Nog USB Mini Refrigerator in action. Please note the item shown in the video has been previously sold. Your actual purchase may vary slightly from the product shown here.



They call these USB mini “refrigerators” but that is a bit of a misnomer. These are best described as drink coolers or warmers. They do a decent job of keeping already cold or hot drinks cool or warm. They slow the rate at which a cold drink warms or a hot drink cools but they do NOT work well to cool or warm drinks from room temperature.

We’re not here to mislead or disappoint anyone so please DO NOT purchase this item if you’re expecting it to make room temperature beverages cold or hot. It simply isn’t powerful enough to do so. Think of this as a novelty device to help MAINTAIN the temperature of your beverage.  It WILL keep cold drinks cold longer and hot drinks warm longer than they would just sitting on a desk. However these will not drastically or rapidly change the temperature of a beverage because that aren’t designed to do so.

If you put a room temperature soda in this and come back several hours later. . . you’ll have a near room temperature soda that is slightly colder on the bottom. Remember these are are thermo-electric drink coolers and warmers and NOT true refrigerators.

Heating and cooling takes place via contact with an aluminum plate at the bottom of the Jugger-Nog machine. A fan helps cool and electric current helps to warm. That’s it. These contain no compressor, no refrigerant, no thermostat and no insulation. These are all things a REAL refrigerator needs and are just some of components a real refrigerator needs to properly function. This is NOT a real refrigerator.

How does the cooling and warming function work? First plug the USB cord in. You can plug it into a USB port on a computer, a USB hub or even a 5V USB wall adapter you use to charge your phone. Next, you simply flip the switch on the USB cord to one side or the other depending on whether you want the unit to cool or warm. A green or blue light typically lights up inside the upper left hand corner of the Jugger-Nog machine to indicate cooling. You’ll also hear a slight sound of a fan spinning when the unit is cooling. When in warming mode a red LED light typically glows inside the Jugger-Nog machine in the back upper left hand corner.

When in cooling mode a fan blows air across an aluminum heatsink and plate to create a cooling effect. In warming mode electrical resistance warms the aluminum plate. The plate at the bottom of the unit gets hot or cold to the touch. We’ve tested these units extensively and put a thermometer to them at various intervals over periods of several hours.

When in cooler mode thermometer readings at the plate typically drop 30-40 °F below the ambient room temperature. In our testing the plate typically drops to around 40°F if left to cool long enough.  When the drink warmer mode is activated and left on long enough the plate at the bottom gets quite hot and stops just shorting of feeling like it could start to burn you if it got any warmer. During testing with the warmer left on for a prolonged amount of time we saw surface temperature readings at the base plate that peaked around 120-125 °F.  All of these temperatures sound pretty impressive but it is important to note the overall design is extremely inefficient. There is no insulation in the unit and heating and cooling only occur via direct contact.

All of that being said these do work well enough to maintain drink temperature longer than you could without them. We just want to make sure you make an informed decision and don’t expect these to perform as well as the refrigerator you have in your kitchen.



Please not these are hand crafted items intended for display purpose. While they should hold up to normal use they are NOT toys and likely won’t withstand repeated rough handling or abuse. Your Jugger-Nog mini USB refrigerator may contain small pieces and components that could be a potential choking hazard if they come loose. Keep away from young children.



Each item is made to order and crafted by hand. As a result you should expect minor variations between what you see in the product photos and the actual product you receive.  The product photos shown here are photos of previously sold pieces.  Since each item is hand painted and hand assembled, no two are exactly alike. Minor variations in color and paint detail are normal and to be expected.

Also, please note product designs are constantly being improved upon. Your product might have minor variations in design and component placement. For example, switches might be of a slightly different type or in a different location or things might be assembled differently from the photos shown here. Small variations often exist due to things such as product design revision and improvement and component availability. Rest assured your product will look very similar to the photos shown here.



Your purchase does not ship out immediately. These are made to order and done entirely by hand. The process takes time and often requires ordering components. The painting involves many layers that must dry completely between layers. The electrical work takes time as well. Order completion time varies depending on order volume. Please allow 7 to 28 business days for your order to be completed and shipped out. In the unlikely event your order will take longer to complete you will be contacted.  If you need your item delivered by a specific date please inquire before ordering.



Hopefully this product description answered most questions you have but if not try browsing through our FAQ section.  If you still have a question or concern feel free to contact us.





CALL OF DUTY and CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.  In a good faith effort to avoid confusion please note these are not an official product and are sold or represented as such.

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