Etched Glass Creeper Inspired

Etched Glass Creeper Inspired

When I first saw this square cube votive I was instantly reminded of a certain game character everyone loves to hate. I envisioned that creepy face on this glass cube and I knew what had to be done for all of you Minecraft playing fans out there.
The awesome square shape of this glass votive was just begging for a Creeper inspired makeover.

Done with professional quality etching equipment, the design pops off the glass with high contrast. These are abrasive etched for a smooth and even appearance and there is no need to worry about the design fading, peeling, or washing off. It is permanently etched into the surface of the glass so these can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

Each of the name brand glass votives used for this creation are made in the U.S.A. Each one measures just over 3″ on each side. These are sturdy high quality glass and their weight reflects that. Each one weighs just over a pound! The thick walls of the square glass container measure nearly 1/4″ thick so these are pretty tough and ready for whatever you plan to do with them.

While these are classified as votives you can use them for dozens of purposes. Sure they are great for candles, but they could also be used to hold pens and office supplies on a desk, for storing things like potpourri; candy; or spare change. Really want to turn some heads? Try using these for a unique drinking glass. Each one has a capacity of about 12 to 13 ounces.

Each design is carefully laid out and etched entirely by hand. Since these are done by hand each one is unique and there may be minor variations in design placement and positioning. The photos shown here are of previously purchased pieces. While your purchase will look extremely similar, please don’t expect an exact match to the photos shown here. This would make a perfect gift for the Minecraft fan on your shopping list.

Price for one glass: $14.99 (Includes FREE US Shipping)
Set of 2: $21.99 (Includes FREE US Shipping)

Set of 4: $36.99 (Includes FREE US Shipping)



*Please note: To avoid any potential consumer confusion, these glasses are not official Minecraft or Creeper products and are not represented or sold as such.  Minecraft® is a registered Trademark of  Mojang/Notch. These are fan art inspired by my love for the game.  With your purchase you’re simply paying for my materials and time involved in creating your item. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

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