Etched Creeper Inspired Pub Glass

Hand Etched glass Creeper Inspired


  • Creeper style glass inspired by my love for Minecraft
  • Holds about 19 ounces
  • Etched by hand
  • Free US Shipping


That sure is a nice beverage you have there . . . it would be a shame if anything happened to it.

Thirsty? Then have some liquid refreshment in this amazing Creeper inspired drinking glass! This 19 ounce capacity etched Creeper glass is sure to please any fan of Minecraft.

Any Minecrafter knows that dreaded face. These self destructing bad guys love to sneak and destroy all your hard work. Even though they can be a pain in the rear, most Minecraft players and fans love Creepers.

One day while taking a break from etching glasses I was having a cold drink and admiring the unique shape these drinking glasses have. My son and I had just been chatting about Minecraft and I just couldn’t help but notice how these fluted pub or pilsner style glasses have a very Creeper-like shape. I was joking around with my son pointing out how they are wide at the top like the Creeper’s head and then they taper down to a narrow body before widening again and becoming slightly wider again around the base where a creeper’s feet or legs would be. One of these glasses really does look like similar to a Creeper, if a Creeper was reincarnated as drinkware. (Yes I know I’m a dork and my son already pointed that out to me!)

After some urging my son asked me to etch my version of a Creeper face on a glass for him. “Just to see what it looks like.” I did just that and it turned out better than expected and these nifty Creeper inspired glasses were born.

This look great, but the best part is there is no self destruction and no hissing. No need to worry about the design washing or peeling off either because it is permanently etched into the surface of the glass. That means you can wash your new favorite Creeper inspired glass in the dishwasher with absolutely no worries!

Each glass is handmade so each one will have it’s own unique characteristics and very minor differences in design placement. No two are exactly alike and the photos here are of previously completed pieces. Although it will be very similar to the photos shown here, please don’t expect your glass to be an exact detail for detail match of any of the images shown here.


One Glass: $14.99 (Includes FREE US shipping)

Two Glasses: $21.99 (Includes FREE US shipping)

Set of Four Glasses: $39.99 (Includes FREE US shipping)


*Please note: To avoid any consumer confusion,  Minecraft ® is a registered Trademark of  Mojang / Notch. These glasses are not official Minecraft or Creeper products and are not sold or represented as such. These are fan art inspired by my love for the game.  With your purchase you’re simply paying for my materials and time involved in creating your item. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

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