“Dead Inside” Don’t Open Dead Inside Walking Dead Inspired Painting

Don't Open Dead Inside Painting


I was hooked right from the beginning. Episode one of  The Walking Dead, drew me in right away. In the premiere episode Rick Grimes awakens from a coma in his hospital bed. We soon learn he is stumbling out of his hospital bed into a post apocalyptic world overrun with zombies..ahem.. I mean “Walkers”. As Rick struggles to walk out of the hospital, he comes upon a set of steel double doors for the cafeteria. As he gets closer he sees the phrase, “Don’t Open. Dead Inside” hastily spray painted on the doors. The walkers inside sense his presence and begin reaching out in desperation through the crack between the two chained doors.

The scene described above, and the entire episode, have stuck with me since 2010. They instantly hooked me on the series. They’e also spawned some pretty crazy ideas I just have to try. This painting is one of them and I finally found the time to recreate those iconic hospital doors with this unique Walking Dead inspired painting.


About the Painting:

This painting is completed on two separate canvases measuring approximately 12″ wide by 24″ tall each. The canvas is stretched over wooden stretcher bars.

I paint each door to look similar to the “Don’t Open Dead Inside” hospital cafeteria doors. I begin with a basic grey door look and then age and dirty the finish so they look like they’ve actually seen a zombie apocalypse. I then paint door details such as a kickplate, screws, the “Don’t Open Dead Inside” spray painted text, scratches, bloody smears and more! When I’m finally satisfied and everything is done, I cover the painting surfaces with a clear finish to seal and protect the art.

To add a touch of uniqueness I add real 3D door handles protruding from the painting. I then cut a new wood bar to use as the wooden 2 x 4 that barricades the doors closed. I complete the authentic look by adding a real metal chain to hang from the door handles. Since new wood and shiny metal chains don’t look right, I take the time to add an aged and distressed look to these items too.

Hopefully fans of the show enjoy my work. I’ve taken some artistic freedom with my interpretation of the “Don’t Open Dead Inside” doors. For instance, (There’s a little more blood in my version) but these are a loving homage to the creepy hospital doors seen in Episode 1, “Days Gone Bye”.

Product Details:

I’m happy to recreate this painting for you.  Each of these paintings is completed entirely by hand. I’ll sign and hand number each painting and include a matching certificate of authenticity. Ordering NOW will get you a lower number…if you actually care about that sort of thing.

DIMENSIONS:  Overall the painting measures about 24 inches tall by 24 inches wide  and is sure to make a dramatic impression in any Walking Dead fan’s bedroom, basement, living room, media room,  garage or any other area.

SHIPPING:  Free shipping is for U.S. Shipments only.  We do ship Internationally but International customers must contact us with their postal code in order to provide an accurate shipping quote. We can then email an invoice payable via paypal etc.

Your painting  will be shipped either boxed or wrapped in cardboard. In order to protect your painting from damage during shipping, it will likely be shipped with the handles removed to protect them. You’ll need to put them back on when your painting arrives. This will require nothing but a few minutes and a Phillips head or small straight-blade screwdriver. If you feel this is something you can’t handle, just let me know and I’ll be happy to ship your painting with the handles installed.

MADE TO ORDER:  Each painting is made to order. The photos shown here are photos of previously purchased paintings. Although your final painting will look extremely similar to the photos shown here, please do not expect an exact match. Each work is unique and design color, placement and small details will vary from piece to piece.

ORDER COMPLETION TIME:  Although I make it look easy, 😉 these paintings actually take a significant amount of time and the price reflects this. In order to achieve the right look on the canvas finishes, the process requires many different layers and coats of paint which must dry completely in between. We also have to cut wood and chain  by hand and spend time making the aged finish on those pieces look right. Once the painting is complete it has to sit long enough for the paint to safely cure and dry.   Due to these facts, and the fact that I’m a single dad with a TO-DO list of monumental proportions, please allow 14 to 28 days for your painting to be completed and shipped.  I do my very best to ship out faster  whenever possible,

CUSTOMIZATIONS?:  Looking for something slightly different? Have a change or improvement in mind? Contact me to discuss details and I’ll see if I can bring your creation to life.



Price:$99.99 with FREE U.S. Shipping


Disclaimer: This product is not endorsed by The Walking Dead, AMC, Skybound LLC, Robert Kirkman LLC, or their affiliates or partners. In an effort to avoid consumer confusion, The Walking Dead is a property of AMC Network Entertainment, LLC.


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