“Days Gone Bye”: Rick Grimes Walking Dead Inspired Painting

Rick Grimes Walking Dead Days Gone Bye Painting



  • Hand painted
  • Unique
  • Inspired by Rick Grimes in Episode 1 of The Walking Dead (“Days Gone Bye”)
  • 24″ tall x 12″ wide x 1/2″ deep
  • $39.99 with FREE U.S. Shipping


Sometimes I get a vision in my head and it just haunts me until I put it on canvas or bring it to life. Due to my love of The Walking Dead these obsessive compulsive images are often the central theme of these visions. “Days Gone Bye” is the title of the first Walking Dead episode (Season 1 Episode 1) and also the title of the first issue of the comic which came along long before the TV series.

From the opening moments of the “Days Gone Bye” episode I was hooked. As I post this we are nearing the end of Season 4 and those early days of Rick Grime’s struggles seem like a lifetime ago. The wide eyed naive Sheriff that had faith in the good of humanity is long gone. The man that foolishly believed a Sheriff’s uniform would still have meaning and command respect from the living is no more. He’s been replaced by a man hardened by life and the zombie apocalypse; a man that knows the biggest threat is often his fellow man and not the dead that walk the earth.

Every time I see early images from The Walking Dead, I’m struck by how things have changed. That’s where the idea for this particular Walking Dead painting came. I chose to pay tribute to a scene from that first episode.

This canvas painting features Rick’s likeness carrying a gas can and bags with plenty of shotguns, rifles and other weapons. It’s painted in a spray graffiti monochrome stencil style against a blood splattered background. I chose to paint the words “Days Gone Bye” in a style reminiscent of the TWD logo.

All work is done by hand in acrylic on canvas. The painting is designed with quality and longevity in mind. Painting is done on quality cotton canvas stretched over premium wood stretcher bars. The canvas is stapled on the back for no visible staples. The canvas is primed with acid free primer and after work is done each painting is protected with multiple coats of matte clear protective sealant. This seals the work and offers some protection against damage due to moisture, dirt, and UV light.

Each painting measures approximately 24″ tall by 12″ wide and 1/2″ deep. Each painting has finished painted edges so it arrives ready to hang as is. Or if you prefer you can choose to have you painting professionally framed.

Each painting is painted by hand and made to order. Due to my order volume and the fact that it takes time for your painting to dry before it can be safely wrapped and shipped, please allow 14 to 21 days for your painting to be completed and shipped. I do my best to ship out much faster whenever possible. If you need your painting by a specific date just contact me and I’ll let you know if I can get it done in time.

Each painting is done by hand on an order by order basis. Due to the nature of hand painted nature of this item each one is unique and will have minor variances from the photos shown here. The photos shown here are of previously completed and sold pieces.

This purchase includes FREE SHIPPING to U.S. Destinations only. If you’re an international customer outside the U.S. just contact us for a shipping quote prior to order.

$39.99 (Free U.S. Shipping)


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