Customized Zombie Killer Machete – Personalize With Your Name, Phrase Etc

Etched Zombie Killer Machete Customize Personalize


Product Details:

  • Custom “Zombie Killer” Machete
  • Machete Approximate Dimensions and Specifications: Overall machete length is about 23.5″
  • 18″ Carbon Steel blade with serrated sawtooth back
  • 5.5″ black rubberized thermoplastic handle
  • Light weight black nylon canvas sheath included
  • Free US Shipping
  • Personalize the right side of the machete with your own name, phrase etc.


Need the perfect unique zombie gift? This “Zombie Killer” machete is the  ideal personalized zombie gift for zombie fan 18 years old or older.

When the zombie apocalypse goes down you don’t need a fancy blade costing hundreds of dollars.  All you need is a basic no frills machete that looks great and that gets the job done.

The same thing is true if you buy a machete for everyday use. When you aren’t trying to survive against hordes of the undead, you need a good tool by your side for all your everyday needs. Whether you use it for camping, clearing brush from your property, surviving walking dead apocalypse scenarios, or just for display on a shelf,  this economical Zombie machete is the perfect tool!

Each “zombie killer” machete has an 18″ Carbon steel blade with a gorgeous attractive brushed finish. The serrated sawtooth back on the blade means you can saw your way out of trouble if the need arises. Plus it just looks pretty wicked too! On the left presentation side of the blade I’ve etched the phrase “Zombie Killer” by hand in cool zombie style lettering.  Along with this phrase I’ve includedr a few blood splatters and a biohazard symbol. All of the etching is laid out and completed entirely by hand.

This is an economical carbon steel blade. While these aren’t stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about rust. I’ve owned the first zombie killer machete I made for years now. I periodically  oil mine lightly and it has remained completely rust and corrosion free. Unless you plan on leaving your machete outside exposed to the elements for months at a time, it should remain rust free and ready for action.

The “zombie killer” machete weighs in at around one pound, making it durable but still lightweight enough to swing for hours if the need arises!

Each machete comes with a lightweight nylon canvas sheath with belt loop and hook and loop enclsure tab to secure your handy new zombie survival tool.

This machete features a comfortablesoft thermoplastic rubberized handle to ensure a non-slip grip. The handle grip measures approximately 5 -1/2″. The overall length of the machete is just over 23 -1/2″ long.

Customize Your Machete:

The back side of the machete (the side opposite the “Zombie Killer” etching) is normally blank. I’m happy to customize this with a name, phrase or other content you choose. Basic personalization is included with your purchase price, but anything extremely detailed or extravagant might require additional fees.  I can personalize your machete with a name, someone’s initials, a phrase, a simple outline type photo or other additions. Unless otherwise specified I’ll use the same zombie style writing featured in the “Zombie Killer” design for your custom request.


Please Note: While I have an open mind, I  do reserve the right to refuse any particularly offensive customization requests. I’ll refuse obviously offensive things like illegal, racist or sexist requests etc.

Do you have something completely different in mind for your machete? I do enjoy a challenge and I love helping bring other people’s ideas to life. CONTACT ME and let me know what your vision is.  I’ll work with you and let you know if I think I can get the job done.


How to Request Customization: 

During checkout simply provide the details on what you would like etched into the personalized side of the machete. 30 characters or less usually works bust but I may be able to fit something longer.  Add your customization request at checkout by providing the details in the ‘Notes to Merchant” section. Please be as detailed as you need to be and double check spelling because I’ll use the information EXACTLY as you provide it to me!



I offer FREE shipping to US shipping destinations.  International customers outside of the United States, please contact me to request a shipping quote and to discuss shipping details.

Order Completion Time:
These are made by hand on an order by order basis. Completion time varies based on order volume and a variety of other factors.  Please allow up to 7-20 business days for your purchase to be completed and shipped.


Buy purchasing this item you are agreeing that you have read and are in complete agreement with our terms and conditions.

Price: $29.99 with Free US Shipping

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