Zombies Mystery Box Pencil Case

COD Zombies Mystery Box Inspired Pencil Box

COD Zombies Mystery Box Pencil Box Want the highly detailed look of our COD Zombies inspired mystery box but need a smaller version? Need a more affordable gift option for that Call of Duty Zombies player?  This COD Zombies Mystery Box pencil box just might be the perfect solution! Our handmade Mystery Boxes with and […]

Jugger-Nog Hand Etched Beer Mug

Hand Etched JuggerNog Beer Mug   If you’re looking for the perfect unique Jugger-Nog themed gift for that COD Zombies fan, you need look no further! Just imagine sipping your favorite cold beverage out of this one of a kind handcrafted etched Jugger-Nog beer mug! This mug is inspired by my love for the video […]
Double Tap Etched Beer Mug Perk a Cola Zombies

Double Tap Root Beer Zombies Hand Etched Mug

Hand Etched Double Tap Inspired Beer Mug   Looking for the perfect Double Tap themed gift for that COD Zombies fan? Look no further! This Double Tap hand etched glass beer mug is the perfect solution. Just imagine the lucky recipient pouring a tall mug full of their favorite cold beverage.  Why drink from a […]
Zombies Mystery Box Mini Miniature Real Life Replica Hand Made

COD Zombies Inspired Mini Mystery Box With Sounds

Miniature real life tribute version inspired by the Mystery Box seen in game Highly detailed real wood construction Measures approximately 14 inches wide, 4 inches tall and 4.5 inches deep Features sounds: Plays the mystery box jingle when the box is opened Batteries are included Free US shipping   PRICE: $69.99 WITH FREE U.S. SHIPPING […]
Walking Dead Just Look at the Flowers Glass Flower Vase

Just Look at The Flowers – Etched Glass Vase

  This Just Look at the Flowers vase is the perfect addition to your home, dorm or office. Hand etched glass Made to order Made in the USA Measures approximately 7.25″ tall and 3.5″ in diameter Inspired by The Walking Dead’s Lizzie and Carol and their epic scene in the episode “The Grove”. $19.99 With […]
Black Ops II Black Ops 2 Hand Etched COD glass

Black Ops 2 Inspired Etched Drinking Glass

  Inspired by my love for COD Black Ops 2, this hand etched drinking glass is a perfect unique gift for the gamer or Black Ops fan in your life. Each glass starts out life as a black tinted glass locally made here in the USA by a well known high quality glass maker. I […]
Walking Dead Inspired Michonne Pet Zombies Glasses

Michonne and Pets Etched Drinking Glass Set

    This unique set of black hand etched drinking glasses was inspired by one of my favorite characters from The Walking Dead: Michonne. Michonne is a katana wielding warrior that’s been know to render the undead armless and harmless in order to lead them around on chains as walking camouflage. This amazing comic and […]
Daryl Dixon Painting

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Inspired Painting

Details at a Glance: 24″ tall x 12″ wide x 1/2″ thick Quality Canvas Painting Features Spray Abstract Graffiti Style Image Inspired by Daryl Dixon Red Blood Spatter Background Arrives Ready to Hang As Is Or Have it Framed To Suit Your Tastes $39.99 With Free US Shipping   This painting was inspired by everyone’s […]
COD Call of Duty Ghosts Inspired Painting

COD Ghosts Inspired Painting – “We are all We’ve Got”

AT A GLANCE: 12″ wide by 24″ tall Personalize with a name, clan name, gamer tag etc. Free Shipping for US shipments   This COD Ghosts inspired painting makes the perfect gift for that gamer on your shopping list.  It features a COD Ghosts style skull mask emblem on dark black background. At the bottom […]
Walking dead paintings and artwork inspired by The Walking Dead

Bicycle Girl Walking Dead Inspired Painting

  Details at a Glance: 24″ wide by 12″ tall Unique fun graffiti spray style abstract art inspired by The Walking Dead’s Bicycle Girl Zombie Red Blood Splattered Background Hang as is or have it professionally framed Protected with multiple layers of clear protectant Free US Shipping This painting was inspired by one of my […]
Painting Creeper Inspired

Hand Painted Canvas Painting – Creeper Inspired

  This painting was inspired by that ominous pixelated green nemesis gamers just love to hate.  This Creeper inspired design is done with acrylic and oil on a high quality canvas stretched over wooden stretcher bars. The overall painting measures 12″ by 12″. The bright green and black design would look great hanging on the […]
Evil Dead tribute glass handmade nerd gift

Evil Dead Tribute Glass: Evil Dead Inspired Etched Glass

  This etched glass was inspired by love for one of my favorite films: The Evil Dead. I decided a double sided glass paying homage to the original and 2012 version of the film would be awesome. I couldn’t find one anywhere so I took it upon myself to make my own. This etched smoke […]
Etched beer mug walking dead inspired beer mug gift

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead Inspired Etched Beer Mug

This handmade etched zombie beer glass is inspired by everyone’s favorite crossbow wielding, zombie killing bad boy. Inspired by our love for Daryl Dixon, the Team Dixon etched beer mug is the perfect gift for any fan of zombies or The Walking Dead*. This awesome etched glass zombie beer mug features a double sided design. […]
Etched Glass Creeper Inspired

Etched Glass Creeper Inspired

When I first saw this square cube votive I was instantly reminded of a certain game character everyone loves to hate. I envisioned that creepy face on this glass cube and I knew what had to be done for all of you Minecraft playing fans out there. The awesome square shape of this glass votive […]
Etched Glass Creeper Minecraft Inspired

Etched Creeper Inspired Pub Glass

Details: Creeper style glass inspired by my love for Minecraft Holds about 19 ounces Etched by hand Free US Shipping   sssSSssss That sure is a nice beverage you have there . . . it would be a shame if anything happened to it. sssSSssss Thirsty? Then have some liquid refreshment in this amazing Creeper […]
Portal Inspired Beer Mug

Portal Inspired Falling Man Etched Beer Mug

  Details: Portal Inspired Beer Mug Approximate capacity 27 ounces Personalize it with a name, gamertag etc. for just $3.00 Free US Shipping   Need something unique to drink your favorite cold beverage from?  This etched beer mug was inspired by the Portal video game and it features a very cool double sided design. On […]

Portal Companion Cube Inspired Etched Glass Votive Jar

  Is it a votive? A jar? A drinking glass? A storage container? A paperweight? The answer is yes! The awesome square shape of this glass container was just begging for me to give it a makeover. I saw the square shape and instantly thought of the Weighted Companion Cube from the Portal video game. […]
Portal glasses,portal inspired gift,Handmade Portal gifts

Portal Inspired Pint Glasses: Set of 3

Set of 3 hand etched Portal Inspired Glasses Permanently etched design Each glass holds about 16 oz Price includes Free US Shipping If you’re a fan of the Portal video game you probably recognize my inspiration for these hand etched glasses. In Portal, the main task in the game typically involves solving some type of […]
Custom etched engraved machete, put name on machete blade

Custom Etched Engraved Machete – Personalized Machete

Product Details: Custom etched/engraved Machete Overall machete length is approximately 23.5″ 18″ Carbon Steel blade featuring a serrated sawtooth back Comfortable 5.5″ black rubberized thermoplastic handle Lightweight black canvas sheath is included Free US Shipping Personalize the Left or Right side of the machete with your own name, phrase etc.   Need the perfect unique […]
Etched Engraved Zombie Killer Machete

Etched Zombie Killer Machete

  Product Details: Etched “Zombie Killer” Machete Overall length of machete length is approximately 23.5″ 18″ Carbon Steel blade with Serrated sawtooth back Durable and comfortable 5.5″ black rubberized thermoplastic handle Sheat included. Light weight black nylon canvas sheath to protect the blade Free US Shipping Want it customized with a name, phrase, initials etc.? […]
Etched Engraved Zombie Killer Machete

Customized Zombie Killer Machete – Personalize With Your Name, Phrase Etc

  Product Details: Custom “Zombie Killer” Machete Machete Approximate Dimensions and Specifications: Overall machete length is about 23.5″ 18″ Carbon Steel blade with serrated sawtooth back 5.5″ black rubberized thermoplastic handle Light weight black nylon canvas sheath included Free US Shipping Personalize the right side of the machete with your own name, phrase etc.   […]
Etched Zombie Drinking Glasses

Etched Zombie Drinking Glasses – Set of 4

  Enjoy your favorite cold beverages in cool etched zombie style. Each of the four drinking glass tumblers in this set has its own unique hand etched zombie themed design.  One glass features the word “Zombies!” in a large zombie style font. The other three glasses in this set each feature a fun zombie silhouette […]
Etched Zombie Pub Glass

Etched Zombie Pub Glass

This beautiful hand-etched zombie beer drinking pub glass makes the perfect gift for any zombie fan. This quality name brand beer glass is made in the U.S.A.  and holds approximately 19 ounces of your favorite beverage. I then lay out and etch a zombie design by hand. As pictured, the design on this glass features […]