Holiday Order Deadlines

Our 2021 Holiday order cut off date was November 15th, 2021.

Happy Holidays! We know many of you are ordering items for Christmas or other holidays. This page will outline order deadlines to help ensure your order arrives in time for gift giving this Holiday season.

The past 2 years have been interesting to say the least! We’ve encountered shipping and supply chain issues combined with unprecedented order volume. The good news is we’ve managed to keep up. We anticipate another successful Holiday shopping season.

We’re a small operation here. We can only work so fast and so hard. Every year our cutoff date for Holiday delivery gets earlier and earlier. We can’t believe it is mid October and we’re already contemplating when we cut off Holiday orders! The current order cut off times provided below are based on a variety of factors, including order volume, supply chain delays and more. It is still a bit early to list a definite cut off date. We’ve listed a range of about two weeks where we anticipate the cut off date will be. The dates below are subject to change at any time. Obviously, the order cut off dates listed here at the time you ordered are the ones that apply to you.

2021 US and International

November 15th 2021

(For Most Products)

Orders placed after the deadline above likely will not arrive in time for delivery by December 25th. Order completion times vary drastically depending on the product ordered, where we are shipping, and the desired delivery date. For example, etched glassware ordered after the deadline may arrive in time. More time consuming products such as paintings, mystery boxes, and Jugger-Nog replicas etc. most likely will not arrive in time if placed after the deadlines.

Most of our orders ship via USPS Priority Mail. Orders placed by the cutoff date(s) listed above will ship by the cut off date for Priority Mail Holiday delivery for the lower 48 US States, which is December 18th. Whenever possible, and as long as it isn’t cost prohibitive, we’ll adjust shipping carriers and upgrade shipping level of service to ensure timely delivery.

We’re doing our best. Shipping delays due to COVID-19, high volumes due to Holiday shipping, and weather delays are all possible. We’re unable to guarantee delivery by any date, especially once the item is out of our hands and in the hands of the shipping carrier.

I’ve already placed an order. I’m concerned it won’t arrive in time. What can I do?
You have our word we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your order arrives by December 25th. If you prefer we rush your order ahead of others we are happy to do so, but we can’t do so for free. To keep things fair, we fill orders on a first come, first served basis. To rush your order ahead of others, we’ll have to charge a rush order fee, which varies based on the deadline, the product etc. We’re also happy to upgrade your shipping if you’d prefer to pay for express shipping. Contact us for additional details or to obtain a quote.

I haven’t ordered yet and it is past your Holiday order cut off deadline. I would like to purchase a gift for the Holidays. What can I do?
We often have a few extra pieces left over toward the middle of December. Sometimes customers cancel orders and we end up with an extra Mystery Box, mug or two. We often list these on ebay where they’ll be clearly marked as “SHIPS NOW”. Many last minute Holiday shoppers have saved the day this way. Contact us if you’re trying to beat the clock. We may be able to rush an order for your and ship via expedited shipping services for additional fees.

Another option is to make your purchase and simply print off a picture of the product to give to your recipient with a note or card telling them it is on the way. While this isn’t the ideal way to gift something, it has worked well with customers in the past.

I’m starting to panic my order won’t arrive in time. Can I cancel?
We understand your concern. While we can assure you we’re doing everything we can to make it happen, Holiday orders are always a concern. If you’re not comfortable with waiting, please contact us to request an order cancellation and refund. As long as your order wasn’t something completely customized (personalized with a name etc.) then we should be able to happily grant the request and issue a full refund.