COD Zombies Inspired Mini Mystery Box With Sounds

COD Zombies Mystery Box Mini Replica Real Life Tribute

  • Miniature real life tribute version inspired by the Mystery Box seen in game
  • Highly detailed real wood construction
  • Measures approximately 14 inches wide, 4 inches tall and 4.5 inches deep
  • Features sounds: Plays the mystery box jingle when the box is opened
  • Batteries are included
  • Free US shipping



There’s nothing like the original! That’s even true in video games. The mystery box in Call of Duty Zombies mode has evolved into many amazing wild new versions. Despite all the crazy versions, there’s something about the classic wooden original that started it all. It’s the box you either love or hate. Few items in video game history have the ability to either make or break your day. It’s always a toss up and you never know what to expect. Maybe you’ll be rewarded with something useful like the Ray Gun. Other times you frantically scramble to it in sheer desperation. We’ve all had those times when we’re out of ammo and in need of something, ANYTHING, to help us survive. . . only to be “rewarded” with a ballistic knife. Or we get shafted and the box disappears to a new location. Who could ever imagine a simple box could evoke such memories and emotions?

Thanks to this miniature real life zombies Mystery Box you can relieve your zombie gaming memories each and every day! What started out out as a fun project to make for my young son has turned into a very cool handmade real life mini zombies mystery box.

This unique hand crafted gift is inspired by the box seen in Call of Duty World at War, Black Ops and Black Ops II. It starts out as a box made with new lightweight wood. I then distress, antique and age the wood to look like the real thing. The bright wood and shiny metal hardware end up looking like the used and abused versions seen on the box in the game. I painstakingly decorate and paint the box to closely resemble the Mystery Box seen on screen in the game.

This real life mini mystery box features fake rusty metal hinges on top, rope handles, and more. You’ll notice the stenciled markings seen on the inside and outside of the box in the game and other details such as dirt, scratches, cracks and even the bullet holes seen on the box in the game. It also sports a real rusty metal clasp closure and hinges on the back side. After I’ve painted this box to look very similar to the real thing, I protect everything with several coats of a clear coat. This helps protect the box against dirt and moisture.

Of course this isn’t a life sized version. (Although I’ve made those as well.) As the title indicates, this is a miniaturized version perfect for storing your Xbox or PlayStation controller or other small items. This box measures about 14 inches wide by 4 inches all and about 4 and a half inches deep.

This version of the Mystery Box features sounds to make the experience even more amazing. (A slightly more affordable silent version is available as well.) This version with sounds actually plays the mystery box music or jingle as heard in the game whenever the box is opened! Simply open the lid and the mystery box music plays its music. There’s then a short pause before you hear that dreaded teddy bear laugh. This version is powered by  by batteries which are included with your purchase. I typically use a 9V battery or sometimes 3 AA or AAA batteries. Check out more images of this miniature zombies mystery box below:

COD Zombies Mystery Box replica Call Duty



Order Completion Time:
Please note these are completed entirely by hand.  They’re typically made to order on an order by order basis. The time to complete your order varies depending on order volume and part availability.  Please allow at least 15-20 business days for your box to be completed and shipped. Your order will typically ship out faster than this but delays can and sometimes do occur. During times of high order volume, particularly around the Holiday shopping season, your order may take longer to complete. In the unlikely event your order will take significantly longer, you will be notified. If you need your box completed by a specific date and aren’t sure it will arrive in time, please feel free to contact me to discuss your timeline prior to ordering or provide a note with your order.

Not a Toy:
These boxes are intended for display and storage.  They aren’t intended to be used as a toy.  These gifts contain small parts and pieces that could theoretically come off. Therefore these Mystery Boxes are not intended or recommended for play or for children under the age of 8.

Each Item is Unique:
Since each box is crafted entirely by hand, each one is unique and will have minor variations.   Please expect minor differences in color, design placement etc.  I’m continually revising and improving the design so some minor details of your box may vary slightly from the photos or videos shown here.





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Disclaimer: In a good faith effort to avoid consumer confusion, please note this is not an official product and is not represented or sold as such. CALL OF DUTY and CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.